Valentine’s Day Puts Me in a Crafty Mood

It wasn’t until almost the end of January that I finally pulled down all the Christmas decorations and put them away, which always seems to be the case every year. 😉 Putting up the decorations is a whole lot more fun and motivating than taking them down!

When everything was cleaned up, my house looked a little naked from the missing decorations. Especially my front door.  Since the middle of October, there had been a wreath gracing my front door, welcoming guests to my home.  Now, all of a sudden there was nothing there.  Realizing that Valentine’s Day was coming up, I thought it would be rather fun to make a Valentine inspired wreath for the front door to replace the Christmas one that I had taken down. Here is a little sneak peek of the finished product.

Love Birds
Love Birds

I really got a lot of enjoyment out of creating this wreath.  Way too much time had passed since I allowed myself to engage in a craft project. It felt really good to get my creative juices flowing again!

I found all the materials at Hobby Lobby (love that store!). Here is a shot of the items I used:

Materials I used
Materials I used

1. A basic straw wreath
2.  Off white Floral Ribbon with metallic gold polka dots
3. Felt flowers
4. Push pins
5. Styrofoam heart
6. Hot pink ribbon
7. Light pink ribbon
8. Lavender love birds
9. Bird’s nestWrappingheart

To begin my project, I took my Styrofoam heart and began to wrap it with the hot pink satin ribbon, using push pins to hold it in place.

I made a mistake in how I was putting the pins in. Halfway through the process, I realized I could hide the pins under the ribbon by pinning the previously wrapped ribbon into place before I wrapped the next section. I was too lazy to pull all the pins out and start over. I am OK with that. If I were making this wreath for someone else I would have fixed it, but since it’s for my own front door, it will remain my secret. Except for those who read this post. You now know my little secret too.  Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! 😉
I also found that wrapping the points on the heart was a bit tricky, but I  think I came up with something that worked. It may not be perfect, but I think it turned out cute anyway.

finishedheartThe heart wrapped in hot pink ribbon.

The next step for me to do was wrap the straw wreath with the off white and gold ribbon. This time I used the “hide the pin” technique, which worked quite well.

With the round wreath and the Styrofoam heart completely covered, I am now ready to add the fun whimsical Valentine embellishments on.  Also note. Sipping coffee while making wreaths adds to the fun and satisfaction of crafting. 🙂

And the finished wreath! I took the bird’s nest and hot glued it to the middle bottom of the wreath and then glued in two lavender “love birds”.  I believe lavender colored birds make a bigger Valentiney (yes, I know that’s not a real word) effect than realistic looking birds, don’t you think?  I then suspended the styrofoam heart (covered in hot pink ribbon) above the love birds to demonstrate to all who pass by, of their undying love and affection for one another. 😉 To the side of the bird’s nest I attached some amazingly beautiful and soft felt flowers, that just make me feel happy when I look at them.

The last and final touch was to attach the wreath to my front door by using some light pink satin ribbon as hanger and then tying simple bow at the top. I then placed it on the wreath hook that is on my door.  And there you go! My fun, whimsical valentine wreath has made my front door well dressed and happy again.

What about you? Do you have a wreath on your front door? Do you like to “dress your door” for holidays and special occasions? Do you find that a door without something on it looks a bit naked? Would love to hear your thoughts! Have a fun and happy Valentines Day everyone! ❤